Standard Scientific Editing
This is our foundational level of editing which includes correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and word usage.  
Advanced Scientific Editing
When a more thorough editorial process is required of a document, which in turn may require more time and questions for the author, advanced editing is often required.  
Substantive Scientific Editing

When we review a particular document that calls for significant paragraph reworking and major grammar reparations, we edit at what we call a substantive level. This generally requires a longer time-to-completion and involved questions for the client during the project.

Journal Matching Service
Along with grammar problems, an author not following particular journal guidelines often precipitates rejection. The Scientific Editor assists the author to interpret these guidelines and ensure that the paper follows them. This service is an integral part of our editing.  

Affiliated Research Support


Scientific Language Translation
Data Analysis, Programming and GIS
Study Design Consultation
Medical Writing
Science Translators
Chinese Only / Spanish Only

The Scientific Editor has a single purpose, which is to provide the very finest scientific editing at affordable rates. Collectively, we house an unmatched talent in the market, with over 150 seasoned science and medical editors that may be hand-picked by the client. From journal submissions and dissertations to NIH grant proposals and other technical documents, we are driven to being of utmost service to you and your work.




Why The Scientific Editor?


  • We specialize in science and medical editing for all scientific subdisciplines, and have experience in all types of study designs and media.
  • All of our editors reside in the United States, Canada or the U.K. and are journal and/or textbook experts. In fact, many of our editors have held managerial positions at some of the world's most renowned scientific and medical journals, or have served as reviewers.
  • All editing is performed by accomplished scientific editors, unlike some other editing companies that make the mistake of using editors with little professional editing experience or specialization.
  • At The Scientific Editor, you are in control of who edits your documents. As such, you will know that the editor is not only an expert in his or her field, but is also the perfect match for you.


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